Extend duration of livestream via Alexa to more than 10 minutes

Or, spend $3 -$4 dollars for the app “tinyCam Monitor PRO”.

I’m disappointed with Wyze on this, but at least this app works.

Thank you for the information. I too am disappointed that I can’t view for more than a few minutes as well as being able to disable the microphone for shared viewers. My sister is the RN of the family and I want her to have access, BUT, no one in the household here want the microphone to be working, only video. These seem to be fairly simple and obvious QOL additions that have (according to posts I’ve read) been asked for since 2017. I hope these options are added soon. Until then I’ll try the app you mentioned or just return the Wyze cam and purchase something that has these choices

Yes you can run tiny Cam with an emulator on your PC , or run it on your Android device , that’s not gonna do anything to change the viewing on your multiple echo show 5’s
you can monitor 24/7 on your Android device with the wyze app so in that case tiny cam is unnecessary

Make continuous streaming on amazon echo an option!

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I am trying to use a V2 with an Amazon show as a baby monitor and need to keep the display and audio active all night. My issue is the show seems to timeout after roughly 5 minutes. Has anyone else had this issue and found a way around it?

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Wyze, if you’re listening, I love your products and ecosystem, but you have to do something about this 10 minute limit if its within your control. If not just say so please so many of us can make alternate decisions.

Make it a service add-on if you have to in order to pay some extra bills. I’d gladly pay the same as the complete motion capture if I had to in order to get a camera to stream indefinitely to an echo show.

I’m shocked to see this has been complained about since 2018. Begging you to get this done.

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I’ve seen those with other cameras mention also have a timeout when streaming via Alexa, so it seems to be a limitation on the Alexa side. If you are considering any other camera for use for the Show, definitely check the Q&A and reviews for any mention of that same limitation.

Guys, I think this has been fixed? Today I noticed when watching my camera set up in my nursery that my Echo Show didn’t timeout. To test if this was a fluke, I did it again several more times. There appears to be a brief “buffering” message right before the 10 minute mark on the stream, but the stream reappears and continues. I currently have a stream into my nursery going for 30 minutes and counting.

Just launched a Wyze cam on my Show, going to wait and see.

Still going strong?

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I was having lots of connectivity issues trying to test since you mentioned it working. Rebooted the camera and all of a sudden I got alerted a new device had connected to my network, “ Generic Brand Vendor: Tianjin Henxinhuifeng Technology”.

I blocked this device and proceeded to test. The Wyze app could connect to the camera but the Echo Show couldn’t as long as I kept this device blocked. I unblocked this new device and it started working on the Echo Show. Now to see how long it lasts.

I’d like to understand more about this and hope Wyze chimes in here on the underlying changes.


40 odd minutes and still going. I am guessing something changed. Going to try my Ring Video doorbell now.

No such device popped up on my Alexa that I saw. Will have a poke around and see. Would be nice to know if this was intended or just serendipity.

It wasn’t on Alexa just on my home network. I monitor all connected devices and it now shows two devices associated for the camera. Really odd, not sure if it’s because it’s a pano camera or not. I need to reboot the other camera and see if it does the same thing.

Have you guys updated your Wyze app on your phone’s? I heard that once you do, person detection is gone BUT I’m also wondering if the update has anything to do with the echo show not timing out?? I noticed it yesterday and it was past the 10 minute mark but it also kept buffering a lot…

I can confirm the 10 minute limit is still in effect for Ring and Arlo devices but it appears Wyze is no longer constrained. And yes I updated all my cameras firmware and I am running the latest Wyze Beta app on iOS so it could be that.

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Nest is also no longer constrained to the 10 minute limit. Both Nest and Wyze appear to timeout after some time (not sure how long, but it looks like it’s somewhere around the 30 minute mark)

TInycam Free version has no time limit, and can be launched via Alexa with the command “Launch Tinycam on “FireTV” (or whatever you’ve named it)”. It will also display multiple cams (with 4 being the upper limit before overheating and crashing out of tinycam on a standard FireTV stick).

Tinycam , is what it is , but with all due respect , Tinycam is not the topic of discussion in this thread

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