Exposure glitch prevents scanning QR code in v3

I’m trying to change to a new wifi network. The camera stays connected to the old one because it can’t read the QR code. When I looked back at the video files to see what the camera was seeing, I saw that as soon as I pressed SETUP, the image exposure started oscillating rapidly between full bright and full dark. I’ll try to link a video later if I can, but I don’t know if it’s supposed to do that.

I had a problem once with the QR decode and it was due to glare. I was inserting an SD card for a pan v3 installed outside and I pressed the setup button by mistake. I had to take the camera indoor for it to register.

I ran into this issue while I was fixing a friend’s camera. He couldn’t get it to scan the QR code either. However, what worked for me, is when the QR code shows up, I turn the screen off (power button) then turn it back on and then it dimmed the screen to act normal again and the QR code scanned within a few seconds of holding it still there.

When I do it, I hold the phone in front of the camera, then turn the screen off while it’s still facing it, then turn it back on and hold it there for a few extra seconds and it finally scans. I repeated this a dozen times and found it to work consistently when it wasn’t scanning before. Try it and let me know if it works for you.