Explain what Cam Plus does?

I am totally new to Wyze Cam and doing set up on my first Cam V2. I don’t understand what Cam Plus does for an extra fee and probably don’t want it. Can somebody please explain (or show me where it is explained) what Cam Plus does so I can decide if I want to pay for this feature. Thank you.

Hello! Welcome to Wyze!!

Cam Plus is a service where you can have CMC and PD.

CMC is Complete Motion Capture. This means that your Wyze Cam will record the entire event to the cloud.

Without CMC you Wyze Cam will only record 12 seconds of an event to the cloud. You can put a MicroSD card into your camera and it will record 24/7 to the card which could let you still watch the whole event.

PD is Person Detection. It lets your camera tell whether there is a person in the video or not. Person Detection is still free alone but that may change.

Cam Plus means CMC and PD work together. I am going to link pages to what I am talking about.

Introducing CamPlus: Introducing Cam Plus - 7/30/20

Why PD may not stay free: Person Detection Update: A New Experiment for Premium Features

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