Expand Cam Plus Lite compatible to more cameras

Please add cam v3 pro to cam plus lite so I can see 12sec video recordings under events and not just a still image :frowning: this has less features than a V3 currently.

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V3 Pro, V3 Pan, Cam OG, Cam OG Telephoto.

In the meantime, when I had mine setup without cam plus, I was still able to open a notification and then click on the the Playback for the SD card and view the full recordings. So hopefully that helps while you wait for Wyze to consider this.


+1 for this. It’s a bit ridiculous to see it’s not supported and we’re being forced to pay for a service to get all the features that were advertised. And nowhere on the product page does it say paid service is a requirement.

About 7 FAQs down, it is stated the Pro will not work with Cam Plus Lite. I was going to buy some until I read that.


Yeah, but it really should mention that on the product page.

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V3 Pro only provides thumbnail image and no video playback

This is nuts. When i’m reviewing my recent events captured by the V3 pro, it only shows a thumbnail image. When you hit the play button, it will ask you to pay for Cam Plus. You have to take the extra step of going into the playback (via SD card) to view the event. V3 Pro is not compatible with Cam Plus light! Why do i feel like im being nickle-and-dimed just to want to hit a play button.

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Same here… I installed my first V3 camera about a month ago and now I noticed it only records still images with the events and it’s not listed under the Cam Plus Lite list of available cameras. I have dozens of cameras and don’t need all of them on Cam Plus but the Cam Plus Lite is just what I need for most. THIS SUCKS !!!

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Add Cam3Pro to CamLite subscription

Add support to CamPlusLite for the newest outdoor CamV3Pro.

Currently the new camera will not record 12 second events without a paid subscription. I can only record one thumbnail image every 5 minutes

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I’m not buying anymore into the Wyze eco system until Cam Plus Lite is available to all newly released cameras. I’m better off looking and investing elsewhere if Wyze continues to push the $2 per camera per month to get a basic use to view a clip.

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Pan Cam V3 - Cam Plus Lite

would like to have Cam Plus Lite for Pan Cam V3… without it or paid Cam Plus, the camera is pretty worthless

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