Events won’t load

Has been affecting all 5 of my v3’s for 2 months now , but gradually getting worse

I’m always getting this pop up in about 50% of my events .

Restarting wifi router doesn’t help

Anyone else ?

Same here, it seems to be an issue lately. Power cycling the cams fixes it temporarily, but it also sometimes fixes itself. Please get an app and cam log next time this happens.

Been affecting me for 2 months lol

Will get some logs submitted for sure , we should start a thread and submit them so we can get wyze to look into this matter . 2 months of events not loading is not good

Events are now not loading , this is showing up for every single of my events . Log submitted

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Events are still not loading .

Log ID number in photos

Wyze please fix this

You’re asking to view a cloud event that has not uploaded to the cloud:

Right , but even after a few minutes it still never loaded …