Events - UI Improvements

Scrolling through (really clicking not scrolling) the dates to check individual day events is very painful, I think a similar and more efficient ui can really help.

Thinking about a possible and easy solution would be adding every event in the list and have headers items with DATE info that separate the different days recordings, the header that hits the top of the list margin changes also the calendar marker on the top calendar. Also days that have recording or any event in the calendar view there needs to be a marker or a color to fast identify where things are saved.

If we have all events in the same list it is 100 times easier to manage them individually or all at the same time (view/share/delete).

Attaching some random images of similar idea mostly used for calendar type apps.


I’m not really understanding what you’re suggesting here. There is already a date scroll at the top of the event list to choose which date’s events you want to view. I don’t really see the full calendar display which would take up a lot of space when events only go back at most 14 days anyway.

Perhaps I’m not getting the full gist of what you’re suggesting?


Even for 14d it will be beneficial. Let me try to better describe.

Question: Let’s say I want to check where I have recordings, or I want to delete all last weeks recordings or just certain days events.

Response: I would have to click and scroll the 14 days calendar on every single day, then interact with the below list.

Solution 1: If I had a little underline (under the calendar day text 25) or marker or even a different text color for the days that have events, I wouldn’t have to click every individual day, and realize that out of 14 days only 2 days have events.

Solution 2: If I had all my events in the list below the 14d calendar in order of latest to earliest with line separates of date info (date header) of the related event, the search of the event would be much easier, also while scrolling the list and the date headers reaches the top, the calendar top circle selector moves to the correct date.

Solution 2 would allow faster management of the events, ie. if I want to share my last week of events I would only have to select the event in the vertical scrollable list (making sure they are underneath the correct dates by looking at the date headers they are under) and share them all at once. Same thing if I want to delete them and so on.

ie. Assuming I don’t have recording prior of the 23rd, my last 7 days of the calendar looks like below and this tells me that 28 is selected and 28, 26 and 23 have events.

23 24 25 26 27 (28)

[Fri Dec 28, 2018 or 2018-12-28 Fri] ← Date Header

Event datestamp (whatever)

[Wed Dec 26, 2018]

[Sun Dec 23, 2018]

----------------------------END of list space on screen-------------

When I scroll up (assuming the list is long enough), and the date header of the 26 hits the top of the list the calendar looks like:

23 24 25 (26) 27 28

[Wed Dec 26, 2018]

Event datestamp (whatever)

[Sun Dec 23, 2018]

----------------------------END of list space on screen-------------

Whit this example you’ll never be able to have the next date header 12/23 reach the top of the list because it’s not long enough.

Let me know if it makes sense.