Events tab: cropped video on Pixel 3a XL, but not OG Pixel

Sorry if this issue was already posted before. Got a new Google Pixel 3a XL for Christmas but noticed that video clips on the Events tab are “cropped” and cut off. If I click the fullscreen button, the video plays back normally (“uncropped”). This wasn’t the case with my previous phone, the first generation Google Pixel.

Here are screenshots taken from each phone with the same clip pulled up. It’s of my upstairs landing where my cat hangs out.

Pixel 3a XL: Screenshot of a video clip on the Events page

OG Pixel: Screenshot of a clip on the Events page

I suspect the issue is scaling-related because the Pixel 3a XL has an 18:9 aspect ratio, whereas the OG Pixel has a 16:9 aspect ratio.