Events section suggestion - trash icon

Now that there is a filter button right on the main events page, I think it’s redundant to have the filter as an option after clicking the three-dot menu button on the top right corner. Could they just make that a trash icon instead of a menu button so that you can start deleting multiple event videos with just one click instead of two? It would make deleting event easier and faster.

If you can easily filter using the filter button then I don’t see why you would filter by clicking on the menu button first and then clicking filter.

Yes, the trash icon would take you to the same deletion user interface that tapping the three-dot icon then tapping Delete Events does now. No functionality lost. I like it.

Yay, I got to be the first to vote for this!


This is good for quick delete of a single event, and is a good idea.

In case the user needs to select multiple events, I suggest using long press. A long press on any event entry automatically selects that event (and goes into selection mode), without having to press the “…” button.

Also, I would prefer using the usual menu button, “☰”, or some other icon, instead of “…”. The latter is easy to miss.

The long press idea is nice but I noticed none of the things in the app have a long press option to activate anything.

And maybe add a “Select All” button as well. The way it is now, one has to wait until everything is downloaded. Very handy when you want to clear all clips for the day.

(As an aside, I’m perplexed that the person who coded this piece of the app didn’t add the “Select and Delete All” buttons. That’s the first thing I’d look for when unit testing my code)

Why delete? In 14 days it will be gone.

Why keep stuff floating in the interwebs that you’ve already viewed and don’t need anymore, and have a local copy on the SD card?

Plus, I’m drowning in the days events, so if it’s 2pm, I don’t want to scroll to get to the events past that point. There’s no bookmarking feature.

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When trying to delete events, anyone else only able to select 3-6 at a time (after hitting the three … in the upper ight hand corner of the “event listing” mode? It seems like it is only the ones that are visible that sports the “radio button” so event can be selected. If scrolling down the list, no radio buttons. Have to delete and refresh the feed. Hence, deleting 10 or 20 events is impossible.

But for deleting events, here are a few suggestions/comments to make the process easier:

  1. When watching an event, one can slide left or right to see adjacent events (great feature), but if deleting watched event in “watch mode”, one is tossed back into the “event listing”. Would be cool if next event popped into “watch mode” instead of the event listing.
  2. When in “event listing”, delete here should be a simple swipe to left or right. It is such a basic “mobile” standard these days on both iOS and Android (and one can only hope it is not patented feature requiring insane royalty payments).

Wow ! I never saw this, yes change the 3 dots to the trash can


It’s not a trash icon but we are making an individual icon for this. :slight_smile:


A dedicated trash button, or swipe to delete like email apps have, would be great in the Events tab.

Is there reason they went with a pencil icon instead of a trash icon? They could have used the trash icon similar to the one on the forums. Trash seems to make more sense.

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I’ll see if I can snag that answer for you. :slight_smile:

Hi @cheaplikeafox, good catch. Everything we’re doing to events right now is fixing what exists so it can scale up. We have a lot of features in the backlog planned for our 2.13 and 2.14 releases :slight_smile:


I’m here to see how the “long press” is going. @AustinByr, @UserCustomerGwen I would like to add, a long-press should reveal a host of actions for the event. Including being able to order by most used action.

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Mod Note: This item has been moved to Wishes-Granted. It’s not a trash icon, but the pencil icon provides the requested functionality.