Events every 5 minutes

Both of my pan cams record events every 5 mins. That’s a lot of nothingness! Remedy?

Um, turn down motion sensitivity, or turn off motion recording, or re-aim them to a view without so much motion?

Every 5 minutes matches the “cool down” blocking period, which means your cameras are perceiving motion constantly.


Not what you expected, huh? Welcome to wyze. I don’t think this feature is used by anyone who owns these cameras as you have found out first hand. No sensitivity setting or zone manipulation will prevent a false event from being captured. The proprietary technology was never there. Unless you are viewing a laboratory clean room, free of dust, with absolutely no outside light coming in, to create shadows, you will be capturing nothing but false events. Shocking to new users. Nothing new to experienced owners. Eye candy at best.

Well I can’t agree with that / go that far. My V2s (no Pans) do a reasonable job of detecting motion. Once I turned off night vision LEDs my false alerts have been minimal aside from the times I’ve had a flag up.

Well, on second thought I guess I do still get a lot of shadows as events… I’ve come to rely more on person detection… :slight_smile: