Event videos don't work on android phone

I can no longer view event videos on my android 5.1 phone. When I select an event, the app minimizes to the background. I can view playback on SD card just fine. My Ipad has no issue viewing these same events. Firmware version is I am using an old motoG android phone. It used to work just fine, but started behaving this way just within the past week.

Same problem here on a Note 3. Contacted Support and was told to reload App (2.15.51) and V2 camera firmware ( Of course this did not solve the issue. I have contacted Wyze 2 more times and they do not respond at all. I have had 3 V2 cameras for about 7 months and they have been useless for most of that time due to Wyze “updates”! At this point all I can do is post my Wyze experience on all the other forums that I participate on.

new app V2.16.23 same issue.
V5.0.2 Android OS too
You should submit a ticket .