Event Thumbnail Page Empty, No Detections

I thought my V2 is better.

Today 3 sighting of my neighbors cat.
Not a single Thumbnail event.

the events are captured in my sd card.

Wyze Server is going out agsin

WYZE server is fine according to this !@#$%^* cat drinking water out of the raccoons water bowl.

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you are lucky.

After one day of working fine. Then it is gone.

I went in front of the @#$%%$## Wyze camera.

no detection notification, events page thumbnail just empty.

It was working yesterday. not a problem.

There is a problem with Wyze architecture.

Did you try to tap a different date like the 12th or 13th then go back to the 14th. Clear cache on the app?
force close the app and try again? I know you shouldn’t have to but it only take a few seconds to do.

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Force clise close app… no differences.

Went back 5 days, yes old events are there.

I will try cache cleanng. but it tells me Wyze app, firmware are not stable.
Wirst part is no one knows what Wyze is playing behind scene.

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Someone @ Wyze has been pushing buttons and crossing wires on the server again! You are spot on! They have this software ecosystem held together with duct tape, chicken wire and bubble gum!

Shouting at Wyze is useless.
It hurts Wyze more when people found out how unstable their architecture is. More importantly is their ability to fix issues became problematics under the new management direction.


All a sudden another 24 hrs after, the problem disappeared.
(I have not touched anything)
I think Wyze has Reset, fix my account
or hopefully the whole server system.

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After 48hrs of working normally,
withoit touching a thung.,
Events and detection are both gone. by itself

Wyze has a red dot in service.

Subscribe to CamPlus.

More and More Wyze is trying kill the CamPlusLite users.

here is what Wyze system trying to get user pay.

I already have notification and events ON but Wyze App keep saying V2 is not.

Why is Wyze products/services so unstable?

continue having no events in thumbnail page.

No development…

Getting Worst.

No Events, No Detections.

Now, Offline .

What is Wyze thinking?

Only thing I got is those ads to buy CamPlus.

Wyze needs Some sensible technical boss not being run by bean counters.

It is not goid when you4 camera acts up without touching a thing.
those Camplus subscribe popups.

Looks like camera showing got Lite bu infact, it was taken off Wyze list server…
Perhaps, a Wyze purging program.??

Maybe Wyze doesn’t like your camera :grin:
The 4 WCO I have still show up.

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Mine screen

Name Your Price Monthly

and your is

Name your price Web.

What is the difference?

I have no idea, I signed up for cam cam plus lite via my account on the Wyze Web site for $0.00. I am already paying for regular CP on the one V3 I have.

This shows web.

btw, Got an email saying my Camplus is over tiday.
but, I never have enrolled to CamPlus (including free trail)

I donot have add device.

Wyze Service registration server is horrible.

I have never use CamPlus not even the free trial.

After a week of no detections, no events. V2 is back starting detection and Ev3nts thumbnail page is populating.

I have No idea what fix it.
but thank to Wyze support team though.

I am not holding my breath though given the past 2 weeks.