Event starts external action

Is the 'events listing accessable to a 3rd party app? If so, where is it recorded in the system.
A lot of the requests for new or modified features might be more quickly addressed with a 3rd party app that simply reads the event file and pushes new events via http->request or tcp->socket to a host device (ie Rpi). Then let the Pi make sounds, flip switches or whatever. Simply treat the Wyze bridge as a front end with a Tcp backdoor.

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I don’t know of any app that lets you view the Wyze event cloud. This is for security reasons.

So, everything is on the cloud and not at least cached locally (android device or bridge)?
That shoots down any interfacing outside of wyze. I was hoping to make it an android ‘Front end’ with a connection to IFTTT and a socket connection to a linux server.

You might be able to use RTSP for this. Then you wouldn’t have to use IFTTT.

Hers a video of someone connecting the cameras to a NAS witch sounds similar to what you’re wanting to do:

But on both Android and iOS the events can produce OS standard notifications. Surely that can be captured and used to trigger something else, somehow…

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Thanks for the replies.
I don’t need the video, My interest is in the sensor event notices. I will look deeper into the android notification options.

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