Event playback issues with Beta app 2.15.13 with f/w

I apologize in advance if this is addressed in another thread (or three). First problem is that when I tap an Alert notification banner that’s appeared from top of screen, it takes me to Live view, not a playback of the 12-sec clip that’s just been captured. Second, whenever I play an Alert clip when the speaker icon is set to MUTE (my default setting), any music I have playing in the background is immediately terminated. After viewing the clip, I must then go back to SiriusXM, Pandora, or whatever and start my music playing again. Both of these issues have been introduced recently, I don’t know which Beta has done it. It’s important to note that I’m running iPadOS 14.2, so am on Apple side of things. Testing by others suggests that this may not be happening to Android users.

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