Event playback issues/subscription issues

So I have 8 cameras total, v2s, v3s, indoor/outdoor and the pan/scan as well. I bought three of them after I bought a subscription. I can’t figure out how to add the new ones to my account.

Also, with one of my older cams, I keep getting an error code for my event playback. I think it’s error 6, somethjng to do with the WiFi? How can I change the base WiFi info, delete the cam and restart, using the other WiFi login?

Just log into the Wyze app with whatever login you want the new cameras to be associated with, and then click the “+” to add a new device. Go through the setup for whatever device that is and once setup, it’ll be associated with your login. Doesn’t matter what wifi whatever product is on, or what physical location a product is, if you add it to your login it’ll all show up the same in your home page.

Event playback from the sd card? Or are you watching event clips from the event tab (cloud saved clips)? No need to delete the camera, just go through the add a device all over again with the new wifi information.