Event Page shows 5 Minute Recording, playback shows Less than a minute

I have been experiencing the following and tracking it to see if there is a pattern. There is no real pattern, except the longer the video the more time is removed from the playback.

  • Log was submitted: 189116
  • Device: Android Phone, Pixel 5 Running Android 11
  • App Version: 2.19.14, currently on 2.19.15
  • V3 Camera FW Version:
  • CamPlus enabled with AI notification for Person Detection Only

At 5:52am Eastern Time this morning, my V3 Driveway Cam recorded a 5 minute video - it took the full 5 minutes during recording. You can see thr image below of my events tab actually shows 5 minutes for the Driveway Cam.

However, when I click on the Video, it actually shows a 27 second clip as shown in the image below. In this case it is not a big deal as it did catch my wife coming home, but it does not have the full 5 minutes.

When this happens, the Video Events page shows LIVE for the 5 minute period of time, and most of the time I get no notification until the 5 minutes is up. Then when the AI processing on it occues, it does not tag the person in the Video. My wife was in the Video and should have been tagged. Here is the Video:

Is anyone else experiencing this?


I haven’t noticed, but I’ll keep my eye out and report back if it does.

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Appreciate it. Seems to only happen on longer recordings.

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I can confirm I’m seeing the same issue on some of my recordings. Most are labeled 5 minutes, but one was labeled 3 minutes and some odd seconds. All were under 30 seconds upon viewing.

These are all on the outdoor cam

Also this one popped up with an error. But it was also labeled 5 minutes.


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The duration issue happens on my V3, V2, and WOC’s.

Thanks for confirming it isn’t just me.

I have been getting the Error 06, I correct it by restarting the Camera. Mine normally happens on my Doorbell - infrequently. Mainly happens when there is a lot of activity. Last 2 days, the wind has been astronomical, and I have seen it more. Once I restart the device, it clears up and I am good.

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@WyzeGwendolyn , can you pass this on to the development team? I am sure others are experiencing this, but don’t realize it.



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