Event labelling improvements

The events list now includes all types of events that resulted in a recording – thank you!

However, I find the labelling of these different types of events quite confusing. It appears that events triggered by sense contacts or the sense motion detector are both labelled as “Smart video alert”, and those triggered by the camera are labelled “Motion”. The confusion arises because these labels do not identify which device triggered the event, and furthermore camera-detected motion may be misinterpreted as coming from the motion sensor.

I suggest labelling that clearly identifies the trigger e.g.
– “Contact opened” (or closed)
– “Motion sensor activated” (or clear)
– “Camera detected motion” (or person, or sound).
In this way it would be immediately clear which device triggered the event.

I should add that it’s important to be able to identify the trigger for each recorded event, in order to manage the setup of a multi-product system, and for troubleshooting e.g. false alarms.