Event Filters don't stay ON

Looks like the latest update iOS 2.35.3 still hasn’t fixed the Event Filters, os I’m missing something?


Yea this hasnt been fixed yet

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You’ve got to love Wyze! Lets break something and never fix it …

This has always been broken hasn’t it?

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Used to work back way then…

Only six votes, this will never get fixed :sob:

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Is this why I can’t turn on AI event recordings without turning on motion? We used to last weeks to a month on 1 charge, now we’re not lasting 24 hours. It records everytime lights shine from cars driving on the next block!

It has to record at anything it sees as motion, the AI portion is done in the cloud so the video has to be recorded and sent up for analysis.

This topis has to deal with the filter settings on the Event page itself, the filters reset on iOS instead of being maintained.

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What exactly happens when you reset the filters?
Does it have anything to do with clearing the cache on the account page?

No resetting the filters just clears out how the event page is filtering.