Event detection without Internet

My cam is configured to write the recroding to its SD card continuously. Assuming no Internet connectivity, is it possible to enable motion detection and the playback timeline will be marked when a motion is detected? I don’t need event recording because the cam writes to the SD card anyway. I just need to know when a motion is detected and I can watch the playback.

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You can set the Camera to ONLY record events (when there is motion &/or sound) and then anywhere there is a blue section in the playback timeline, you will always know that is an event. The downside is that depending on your sensitivity settings and other things, you could possibly miss some things you wish were recorded.

Otherwise, no, the timeline does not show any difference between an event/movement and non-events. Many of us have been asking Wyze to please implement this. There is a wishlist for this somewhere that you can vote for.

@kkw825 Unfortunately, all we can do right now is wish, unless you want to take the RTSP approach.