Event Detection unreliable at unpredicatable

I just purchased the outdoor cam and so far, not impressed. Event detection is spotty and unpredicatable at best. I’ve tried adjusting the sensitivity setting from between 10 and 50, and detection the distance is set to far, yet no matter the value, not all events are captured. To add, as this was a cloudy and rainy weekend, the camera detected only a single event. The software is at the latest revision; signal strength is 3 bars and from what I’ve seen, the camera and base station communicate on a separate wifi network from the house wifi, The base station is hard wired to the house network and communicates with the AP via the house network. What is the fix to get consistent captures, especially during a cloudy rain filled weekend?

The weather has nothing to do with it. I just put this on a different post today. The best way to capture events is to have movement across the PIR Zone not movement straight at or away from the cam. On this cam the red line is where the face of the cam is pointing. The yellow line is the direction of travel all the critters take after the crawl under the gate of my fence. I have of phone full of raccoon, possum and cat videos soon to be deleted .The cam on the side of my house (Screen shot of a garbage truck) red line is where the face of the cam is pointing. The PIR Zone is very wide, try moving the cam left or right a little at a time.

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