Ethernet Adapter for Camera

Product Suggestion:

Hello. I love the WYZE Cameras. I have numerous ones around our house. I pay for the subscription service too.

Besides the fantastic price point, their ease of installation and wireless connection are great.

I would like for WYZE to consider a separate, additional option for the cameras. I would like to be able to plug in an Ethernet connection to the back. I am thinking something like the piece that plugs into the back of the camera similar to the piece for the sensor adaptor.

If this was available, the majority of the cameras in my house would still be wireless but there are a few areas that cameras in proximity to the ethernet could be plugged directly in.

The benefits I can see are:

  • Quicker connection to the internet.
  • Off-loading the device from the WiFi at home.
  • Still keep the original price point of the camera since this is an optional device.
    Please continue develop of your great products.


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