Error when we go to watch notifications

I searched the board but didn’t see anything. I’m sorry if this has already been posted, if it has please feel free to link the post and I will read through that one.

We have been getting event notifications on both our Pan Cam and on Wyze v2 and when we go to check them they are 3 to 4 seconds long and we can’t watch them, we automatically get an error stating “Failed to upload event. Please check your internet connection.” The internet connection is good and this never happens at the same time on both cameras (I get one notification error and the other camera that recorded at the same time doesn’t have one).

Our roommate walked in our house today and I got the event notification and then the error, had it not been him we would have been in trouble. These cameras have SD cards and are set to continuously record and they are still recording when we get the errors, It seems like it is an error just with the event notification. I have sent the logs on both cameras but I haven’t had any luck.
Pan Cam Ticket ID 53296
Wyze v2 Ticket ID 53298
If any body has any ideas please let me know.

@WyzeGwendolyn can you help on this at all? I have emailed the support team but never heard back and it is still happening. Thank you

Thank you very much for the logs! This is something I believe we’re looking into. I’ll get your info to the team.

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