Error: No Video at the selected time

Having problems with my cam and am confused. It’s been working great for more than a year, then a week or two ago I tried accessing stored videos away from home and got the “No video at the selected time” error

Thinking that my SD card had reached it’s overwrite age limit I ordered a new card from Amazon formatted and installed without thinking much else about it again until today when I went to view and am getting the same error with the new card

  • Also when I took the old card out and repaired it, there were still a lot of videos available on the card itself, but thinking that it was old didn’t dive too deep into how old the remaining videos were.

  • New card:

Same problem here. I am seeing that the card will no longer continuous record once the card capacity has been reached. My fix is to restart device and then it begins recording but it does not allow me to access any videos from the previous days.

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