Error Messages From 2 out of 4 cameras at Mountain Cabin

WYZE Version 2 Cameras. Have 4 and they all worked well two weeks ago.
Now two give error messages for every capture. The other two work OK.
This problem just started!

Have you tried going to Settings, Device Settings, Restart the Device?


Welcome to the Wyze community @fivechime!
I would suggest restarting the cameras via the app like @Customer suggested. If possible, you could also try power-cycling the cameras.

What are the error messages and/or codes you are seeing?

Also been having code 05 and 06 trouble. It also mentioned failure to upload to the cloud.
On my iphone went to settings and at top of screen gave my name a poke.
Opened icloud and turned off ICLOUD BACKUP. And all of a sudden my wyze cams came to life again. TRY IT!!!

I’m thinking my problem is unstable Wi Fi at my mountain house. No error messages all night when I think
the Wi Fi signal is stronger. Also, router there is on the floor and I’m heading up next week to raise the router up to a shelf and try to install a Wi Fi signal enhancer.
Regards, Jim Evans

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