Error code 90 - yet RTSP stream is fine

I’m wondering if any of you have seen this. The Wyze app showing error code 90 (device is offline), however the camera is streaming via RTSP just fine - so it’s obviously not off-line. I assume that if I walk out to the garage and power cycle the camera, it will come right back up fine.
The particular situation today is a Pan camera that has RTSP firmware version, but I have seen the same thing on V2 cameras as well. Same situation on the Android phone and tablet, and #$%^& iPhone - all with the current Beta as of 9 June.
According to my Meraki WiFi access point, the signal strength is quite strong - it should be, the AP is about 10 feet away from one side of my garage (the camera) to the center of the garage (the AP). There are currently eight other Wyze cameras, two Wyze outdoor plugs, and two Raspberry Pi computers (not doing anything) connected to that access point - all working fine.