Error Code 90, out of town power cycle

I received and setup my Wyzecam Pan only hours before I had to leave town. Now I’m experiencing the code 90 catch 22. When I get home I want to try something I haven’t seen mentioned in the forum and would appreciate feedback. Can anybody think of any reason why I should not plug the power adapter/cam into a cheap mechanical lamp timer that would cut power to the unit once every 24 hours and restore power 5 minutes later? My thinking is: If a situation arises that requires a power cycle while I’m away, the longest I’d be without remote viewing would be 24 hours. If this causes no problems and the code 90 problem is not adressed in an update, I suppose I could set the timer to power off & on more than once in 24 hours. Most of the time this would not be fixing anything but those few times that the cam is waiting for a power cycle the lamp timer would do it for me. Can anybody think of any downside?

We use these timers in similar applications …
They allow for a one-minute off time, once or twice per day.

I can think of no reason. You could also use a smart plug and cycle it yourself remotely only when needed.

That said, you should be aware that using the Device Reset option in Camera Settings will often work even though the camera appears to be offline. This is because Device Reset uses a different comm channel than the video stream.

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Thank you for your thoughts, I already have a drawer full of timers. I have tried the power off and device reset options. I have reset my router remotely and it does not list the camera as an active device on the LAN. I was mostly curious about whether starting and stopping the camera might cause problems for the app. As I said initially I left home right after setting it up and have no experience with the apps stability. I appreciate your help