Error code 90 on 4 out of 6 cams in one afternoon

Curious as to why 4 of my six cameras would shut down and show error code 90 all at the same time or in the same afternoon but two didn’t have an issue. It was weird I kept getting alert after alert all day and when I viewEd the videos I didn’t see anything. Well later in the afternoon I had no video stream and I am now having to reset each one. I tried power cycling them but no luck.

Now if someone wanted to just gain access into your place would all they would have to do is flip the breaker box to off? That would kill the router and everything right? Is there anyway to use a battery pack up so the camera would still record even ?

Unfortunately I do not know what an error 90 is … someone else will have to come along to explain that

Put a lock on it. And If they are that desperate to get in to your house it’s time to get a security guard.

You could put the cameras on battery backup but then you have to do is same with the router

Here is the support page with the list of documented error codes. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link … that list is pretty much, worthless.

Why? There’s a single “all other codes” entry for a generic “connection failed”.

And then there’s eleven “unique” entries, but four of those are [still] a general “connection failed” .

And of course. 50 isn’t there - and the OP stated they cycled the cams.

@justinsthomas9 … how’s the Wifi signal strength to the cams?