Error Code 90 - hint - do NOT buy this product!

spent over $340.00 on system to help us contribute to the well-being of our 19-yr. old w/ Down Syndrome.

Can’t find "? [MOD EDIT] … constant “error (90) code” … on main camera

had one unit replaced - that was uneventful - thank you!..

I’m tired of standing on chair … trying to scan QR code … to no avail… for secondary 2.4 vs. 5.0 ghz service…

RING - here I come!..

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What? No Wyze products work on the 5 Ghz band yet as far as I know. I thought that 90 code was associated with CamPlus problems; I’ve never seen it, though I have constant issues with connectivity and recording. Good luck with your child; there are other brands that might work better for you; maybe consider a hard wired (not WiFi) system if reliability is paramount.

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I got Error Code 90 out of the blue about a week ago. I’ve had the Wyze Cam Pan since Jan 2020… I’ve tried power cycling the cam, reinstalling the app. Nothing works. I’m back to researching cams again to find a better product.
So disappointing. I was relieved to see this post because it confirmed that it’s an unresolved Wyze issue and not something on my end.

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