Error (code 3001)!

I may not buy another thing from then even after they take care of this. They have shown very little concern with this problem. And just keep pumping out more products.

I’ve been experiencing this for well over 6 months, kinda ridiculous since it only records for 3-4 seconds.

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So this is what I’ve seen with my error 3001… it is only when i get a motion event on my v3. If i get a sound or a person detection. It plays fine. Maybe that will help them solve this issue since I dont think they know what their problem is… :disappointed:

I won’t be buying anymore Wyze products ever.
They keep releasing all these new products and so many people are Wyze cheer leaders, can’t figure why…

Wow I can’t believe this is still an ongoing issue with no support. I’ve had this issue going on what I believe to be a year now and it affects all three of my cameras. This error code essentially renders the cameras useless in my opinion since I have to be watching the cameras live to catch a full recording of an event.

Probably done with Wyze products