Erroe Code

I keep getting an error code DF-DFERH-01 when trying to renew Cam Plus.

I’m pretty sure that error code is sent from the Google Play Store.

Are you attempting to renew Cam Plus via the app or are you renewing via the Wyze Services website?

How did you originally purchase your Cam Plus subscription?

I am pretty sure this one went through Google. My other subscription is paid by PayPal.
I had to remove the GPay account. I would like to renew the subscription due today with PayPal.

Thank You for your response.

I’m trying to renew through the Wyze app…Wyze account…services…then the error code appears.
How can this rental be reset to reflect PayPay as my vendor.

Did the cam subscription you are trying to renew expire or are you renewing before expiration?

If the previous subscription went through Google, the only payment options are those accepted by Google. If not set to auto-renew and Google doesn’t accept PayPal, just let it expire and obtain a new subscription using the same method as your other subscription that is paid by PayPal.

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Thank You

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