Enable / Disable Multiple Routines at Once (Routine for Routines)

I utilize my Wyze devices as a security system. I have multiple contact sensors on exterior doors and windows. I have written rules in Wyze (and tried routines in Alexa) for each sensor. The rule goes if contact sensor opens, turn smart plug on (I have a siren plugged into the smart plug). The problem is, to “arm” my system, I have to enable each routine one by one, i.e. if back door open, power smart plug (siren), if side door open, power smart plug, if living room window open, power smart plug, so on and so forth. I have to do these all one by one whether I use Wyze rules or I make routines in Alexa.

I need a way to enable / disable a bunch of routines at once - basically a routine group. I can’t use scheduling times for this because for example I have to let my dog out at night, and I like to “arm” the system when I leave the house.

Any ideas? It seems like I need a routine for routines.

I did find a work around for what I needed. Disclaimer, I am not an expert with home automation so if you know a better way, please let me know.

Since I can’t batch my routines in either wyze or alexa, I solved the issue with hardware. All of my routines are triggered by various contact and motion sensors, but they all feed back to a smart plug that I plug my siren into. When smart plug is on, siren sounds. As mentioned earlier, this set up requires me to turn on/off each alarm routine for every sensor each morning and night or whenever I want to arm the system. My solution? Using two smart plugs in series; one plugged into the other. First, the wall outlet, second the arm/disarm plug, third the siren plug, last the siren.

Using this serial set up, I can utilize the arm/disarm plug as the method of grouping all routines to the siren on or off. When arm/disarm plug is off, routines which are enabled cannot make it to the siren plug which is further downstream because it is unpowered and offline. When arm/disarm plug is on, the siren plug comes back online and can receive the multitude of routines.

Do I feel I deserve the Nobel Prize for thinking of this? Yes, yes I do. :blush: