Emergency Button Confidence 0%

I wish Emergency Services would have been deployed to that address on Jan. 6th.

Curious about a couple things, maybe you can help WyzeFrederik.

Once beta testing is done will we then be notified whether we want to purchase the service and will it be a payment to/through Wyze or to the Noonlight company?

Second, the Emergency button itself. It would be great if it were red or at least not so similar in shape and location as the Notification On/Snooze button. And I have my cameras in a group.

The Emergency button is not accessible until you actually open the group then open one of the cameras. Only then is the button accessible. Am I missing something here? Seems it should be front and center on the app. instead of having to dig to push it.

Which leads me to another question I’ve had which is, How my main screen should look anyway. Right now it has my two sensors (front door and garage door) Then below those is my camera group. Seems like having those sensors displayed there isn’t right. I wonder about people that have tons of sensors, Wyze plugs, and Wyze bulbs, etc is this how the main screen should display or again am I missing something?

You can change that. Click the 3 dot or similar menu and choose Sort Products. (This may have been renamed,)

Thanks! I did not see “three dots” except for “rules” but I was able to drag the sensors below the camera groups by clicking on the “pencil” then choosing “edit devices.” Thanks for helping me find this.

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