Email update process...bye bye Wyze

I’m sorry but this is probably not in the right category because I couldn’t find an appropriate category. Let me start by first saying that I have been one of the hugest Wyze fans. People must think that I work for them. I was constantly bragging about how incredible everything was and how inexpensive it was and how simple it was. They just lost me. The first thing that really shocked me was the fact that I had an issue with my sprinkler controller and needed to reinstall it but there was no way to back up my settings. I had to delete the device and then reset up a new device and go through all the settings which required setting every zone, the grass type, the slope type, the sun exposure, etc., etc., etc. Why in the world would they not have a way to save your settings like they do for other devices! Now, I want to update my email address. My old email address is soon going to be obsolete and is littered with junk mail. I go into the settings to try to change it to my new email address and I am told that if I do so, I will lose Control over all of my devices until I contact Support. I’m also told that every device will lose connectivity with any integrated services. This makes me think the company needs to change its name to Mentally Challenged. What a pain!

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Email address is the equivalent of userID/account ID to the app. Unfortunately, the same email address is independently tied to Wyze services. You can change the email address via the Wyze app and your Wyze gear will still function, but any services tied to your Wyze gear will not function unless Wyze manually makes the same email change to your services. Yes, this is a pain that needs to be addressed by Wyze. :expressionless:

App screenshot for reference:

Wishlist topic requesting change. Please vote for it to show your support:

Allow user-initiated email address change without negatively affecting current subscriptions

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maybe later

– Wyze

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