Email notification with attached snapshots/photos/video taken on motion detection

I recently contacted Wyze asking if this feature is available. Based on this feature request I’m assuming the answer is “not at the moment.” I’d like to add an important relevance to this feature. For some people, their job sites are secure and personal cell phones are not allowed on site. Unfortunately for them (including me), this means that there’s ~8 hours, 5 days a week, where they are unaware of anything going on in their dwelling.

This is my #1 priority: to enable email notifications when a movement is detected, with approx. 6 still pictures over 2-3 seconds from the camera.

I understand that could be a lot of messages but that is manageable thus:

For cameras that trigger a lot of false positives (typically those facing outdoors), set up an email rule to send this messages to trash. You can still review recent messages from those cameras if needed, until the email trash folder is emptied.

For cameras that generally don’t trigger false positives (generally indoor cameras) let those email flow into your inbox and get a notification on your phone. [The Foscam brand cameras do a nice job with notifications, although they’re a much larger form factor.] You guys might want to check those out.

The emails can also be configured not to download the pictures by default, thus minimizing data usage.

This feature is sorely missing from the Wyzecam, which is otherwise an excellent home security camera.


I agree and would like to be able to have the cameras email my google photos account.

So far we could not be more pleased with our cameras and just ordered 5 more!

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I agree with others, this should be a basic feature that should have been implemented since day 1.

I use 2 different cameras, a Dlink and a Belkin. Both support email on motion detection. My Dlink one even supports email on sound detection, or FTP upload of the image/video taken at the time. I can also choose the snapshot intervals, e.g. email on motion detection every 10 minutes. I can choose the amount of time to take the photo, e.g. 1 second after the motion is detected, or 2 seconds after. I can choose how many frames to take.

I think the ONLY reason why this isn’t implemented is because of the Cloud Storage subscription. They want us to pay for that instead. Email notification is so basic these days, I don’t know of any IP cams out there (apart from WyzeCam) that doesn’t support this.

Please add this feature and also add FTP support, so we can upload the photos to our own NAS or FTP solution. You can’t expect everyone to pay for the Cloud Storage subscription. For those of us who aren’t paying for that, we’ll risk losing any security footage or evidence. Imagine someone break into your house and sees the WyzeCam, disconnects the power and takes out the SD card, or just steal the camera entirely. You have no evidence to show to the police or whoever. But if we had email notifications via e.g. Gmail or whatever, the evidence is retained and we can use them.

Or, let’s just hope someone cracks the software and release a mod/tweak to enable these functions/features.


BTW, you need to tweak your forum a bit. If you don’t add a firstname and lastname to your Wyze account, the forum will automatically display your email address as the display name. I’ve already seen some users with their email addresses as the display name. This is a poor practice and for a company to specialize in IP cameras, dealing with security, this is rather concerning. I could easily spam someone’s email or sign them up on spam websites. You guys should seriously fix this by either hiding the email address, or generate a random unique display name for each user.

I agree. The best way for me is to get an email with 5 thumnails of the motion detected. I use IFTTT to save the attachments into a folder and i can view that folder when Im ready.

Video of the motion detection is nice but too time consuming THUS you miss the culprit in the mass of alerts

Here is another one

  1. Trigger on motion etc or a specific time
  2. Send a snapshot to a cloud AI service using a network such as YOLO3
  3. Send the AL labeled image back with category flags and bounding boxes on image
  4. Use the category labels to decide on action, email or notification list.
  5. Implement the selected actions.

One more

  • send triggered audio to a audio recognition AI service on the cloud
  • use the labeled audio to select an action such as sending transcript to user via email or drive

With Email notification it would be possible to receive alert notifications as SMS text message with most cell providers email-ro-sms service, such as Verizon’s VText, even when your phone is not connected to wifi/mobile-data(4G)

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Iam using ip camera for many years. I love your camera and that is the reason I bought 4 of them. I want to let you know what I found to be missing from your cameras.I would like when the camera detects a move to send me an email with one or two photos from the viewing area. Think this is missing from many users of your great camera.I’m sorry if i bother you but really is a friendly advice


It would be useful to have an option that sent an e-mail with a few image snapshots from the motion event that triggered the alert. It is much faster to quickly assess what is going on with a few pictures than having to jump into the application and view the captured video.

Alternatively, you could include an option to include a few snapshots into the IFTTT “e-mail me when motion is detected” applet.

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I’m using the v2 & app to take photos of my odometer reading every morning to use for tax write offs, and having it synch automatically to Google photos which automatically adds the photo to my timeline. (IRS wants accurate odometer readings) I’d like to be able to not worry about it, and have it snap the photo each time I start up my car. I like the fact that I can create a network wifi connection via tethering on 3g/4g using my note 9, and the camera connects with that wifi and I can control the camera.

So my request… Instant photo upon startup that would store on SD card until connected to wifi network, then upload automatically upon connection.

Also I second the request for a dash cam version with above abilities, smaller model would be better for my purposes.

Whether any of this is possible or not. Definitely Love the work u guys do! You rock!

Many on-prem home automation platforms (e.g. HomeSeer, Vera) provide integration with IP cameras. The value of a snapshot URL is that when an event occurs on the home automation platform (e.g. door unlocked / opened) the snapshot URL can be used to generate an email alert and a picture from one or more cameras attached.

Also the opportunity to extend camera based motion detection into the on-prem home automation platform provides additional opportunities to trigger events in the that platform.

This is needed

Make sure to vote for it at the top of the page. :slight_smile:

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When I am on the road I am only able to connect to my cameras about 50% of the time. I am not sure where the bandwidth limitation takes place. Anyway when I want really want a live picture of what’s going on it’s quite frustrating. I suggest a feature where you can send a single request through the app to the camera to email an image/snap from the camera whenever it next has connectivity. This request message would require no (very little) bandwidth relative to what is necessary to stream a live session to the camera - which is currently my only option for just taking a peek of what’s happening at home. .

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Great post! Can you point me to source that explains how to have a snapshot emailed to you? Also, I have enjoyed using the tinyCam Monitor Pro to see my Wyze cameras on my Windows 10 Desktop. I have found that the best way (and perhaps only way) to make tinyCam Monitor work is to have the Network Proxy set to "Automatically detect settings" under "Network Proxy Settings". However, for some reason, my computer keeps switching the settings automatically to "Use a proxy server" with the IP address set to and a Port of 8082 when my camera’s actually IP and Port are set to and a Port of 8083. This happens at least once per day. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?

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vote for the email notification with a snapshot. When i work, i don’t have a wifi to use, the cellphone signal is so weak that i cannot download the video

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Hello - I am adding more and more of these wonderful products but one thing I have noticed is the lack of ability to take a good quality pic when something is triggered. For instance when my entry door from garage is trigger i would like the camera to snap a series of 3-5 photos. The pictures have much better quality than trying to pull a screen capture from video. Is this possible?