EMAIL Customer Support - Direct Path 2023

Wow. That’s not good.

Back in the first year or two of this forum, mods suggested approaching a problem by:

  • Doing a good faith search of the Wyze online documentation and help pages
  • Doing a good faith search of the Forum topics and replies
  • Opening a Topic here and a ticket with support simultaneously

Roughly, the idea was that a solution might be found more immediately on the forum - and if so, the support ticket could be closed - but, if not, the ticket was already established and in process.

It seemed to me the forum and support channels also cross-fertilized this way. I would refer to the ticket number and responses from support in the forum thread, and provide a link to the forum topic to support.

And it documented how well and willingly the support system was performing. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of that in 2019 before I became world-weary:

That’s okay. I’m resourceful, I used Google :rofl:

Very cat-like of you, cutting across paths! :sunglasses:

(:cat2: metaphor improvement welcome :frog: )

(So, definitely better, ‘cutting across paths’ for ‘crossing paths diagonally.’)
(Now, ‘feline’ for ‘cat-like’?)

Look what you also get. Nice people like this.

Hi Katrina! :wave: Thanks for the Excellent service. :slight_smile:

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