EMAIL Customer Support - Direct Path 2023

Wow. That’s not good.

Back in the first year or two of this forum, mods suggested approaching a problem by:

  • Doing a good faith search of the Wyze online documentation and help pages
  • Doing a good faith search of the Forum topics and replies
  • Opening a Topic here and a ticket with support simultaneously

Roughly, the idea was that a solution might be found more immediately on the forum - and if so, the support ticket could be closed - but, if not, the ticket was already established and in process.

It seemed to me the forum and support channels also cross-fertilized this way. I would refer to the ticket number and responses from support in the forum thread, and provide a link to the forum topic to support.

And it documented how well and willingly the support system was performing. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of that in 2019 before I became world-weary:

That’s okay. I’m resourceful, I used Google :rofl:

Very cat-like of you, cutting across paths! :sunglasses:

(:cat2: metaphor improvement welcome :frog: )

(So, definitely better, ‘cutting across paths’ for ‘crossing paths diagonally.’)
(Now, ‘feline’ for ‘cat-like’?)

Look what you also get. Nice people like this.

Hi Katrina! :wave: Thanks for the Excellent service. :slight_smile:

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I realize it’s now well into 2024, but I just read this topic, and this…

…made me think of this.

For whatever it’s worth, I’m on board with the “email’s” contraction as being valid as used in the initial post (though I would tend to write it as the hyphenated “e-mail’s”).

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:laughing: I’m a good speller but hyphens baffle me. To wit (for instance?):

I muddle along…

That seems fair.


I reckon we’re all selective to one extent or another. When I started using e-mail, it was hyphenated, so I’ve stuck with it, much like how I continue to write “Web site” instead of “website” when discussing the “World Wide Web”.

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Had another good experience with the email method yesterday - first contact in about a year.

They understood my initial explanation and fixed an order thing in a single response. Five or six hours. Well done. :+1:


It was actually two hours, not five or six.


That hasn’t been my typical experience, but I’m genuinely glad that it was yours this time and that you received a prompt resolution.

I will say that the one time I contacted Support via e-mail to address an issue related to an attempted order, that one was resolved pretty quickly (within a day or so). Anything on the technical side has seemed to involve a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth and miscommunication.

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That’s a good distinction. I haven’t contacted them for a technical issue since early 2019, I think, preferring the ‘community fix’ on the forum.

Last issue:

That totally makes sense. I’ve gotten the feeling that the suggestions offered here draw from a larger knowledge base of real-world experiences. I don’t have the confidence that many Wyze Wizards are given the training or freedom to exercise critical thought in solving product problems.

Thanks. I almost missed it. :wink: I don’t know how Wyze’s system directs tickets, but I imagine order issues generally require more straightforward fixes than technical issues (although I still don’t understand why an issue with a broken link (still broken as of this writing, by the way) in a support article needs to be sent to an engineering team).

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Hard-earned :slight_smile:

It’s funny that you’d link that one, because earlier a fix-it-friday post led me down another frog rabbit hole. :roll_eyes:

Frobbit hole.

Dizzying. :dizzy:


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