Email change

From what I’m seeing…on the forums, and elsewhere… Is my understanding correct that I can’t change my email and that I’m supposed to create a new account if I want to change my email?
I sent an email to customer service but it’s been 4 days and I haven’t heard a word.
The funny part was that they never responded to my request of how I can get my email changed… But they did send me an email asking me how
my interaction was with a particular customer service agent. Which was funny because I never got a correspondence nor did I speak to any customer service agent.

It is better to call and speak with them directly, explain the situation and why you need to change the email address:

I had to change my wife’s email address and there were a few steps and confirmations which I needed to do, but ultimately they changed the email address.


Me too,
I wanted my most recent purchase, status alerts . To go to my, “Catch All”, email address.

No dice, after 10 tries I gave up !

This could be a Blessing In Disquise. We wouldn’t want the email change process to be so easy a hacker could change our email to something else.