Eight functions that the Wyze Robot Vacuum is most expected to achieve

I use my Wyze Robot Vacuum to clean the room every day.

In the process of using it, the functions I most expect are as follows:

  1. Voice control function

  2. Different rooms have different suction levels

  3. Area cleaning (add area cleaning, spot cleaning / manual mode, custom area cleaning)

  4. Incremental update “save changes” can be triggered when selecting room cleaning

  5. Save the backup cleaning map for quick cleaning and restoring

  6. Partition a room with interior walls

  7. Please add a “find me” function to lose the reminder

  8. It can turn off the light on the Wyze Robot Vacuum through the app when not in use.

Which function are you most looking forward to?

Please select the feature number you are most looking forward to.

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I guess 5? More specifically, Multi-floor support, as they promised 6 months ago.

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I’ll take all 8 of your’s and add a 9th. The ability to change the pattern that it follows. And along with that, a deep clean mode that makes it go in one direction, and then come back and do another run in the direction 90 degrees from the first. Up and down, then right to left.

And a 10th (although I don’t know that it’s possible) is for it to let me know when the dust bin is full.

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Multi-floor is in beta right now. Join the beta and you can have it now.


#3 is being developed as well

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