Editing notifications


The Problem I am having is when I click the edit button in order to select the radio buttons beside each clip is too small. The area that accepts the point of my finger is much too tiny. I constantly end up viewing that particular video and the kicker is that it resets all the radio buttons I’ve already selected and I have to start all over again. However it is rare that I’m able to select multiple radio buttons due to this issue.

It’s so frustrating I’m considering returning the cam. It seems to me that the area sensitive to the touch of a finger should be much larger - at least twice the size - in order for me to be able to select multiple video clips and delete the group of them.

I don’t have particularly large hands nor are my fingers grossly over sized! I weigh 140 pounds and there is simply no way this should be an issue. I’d be really surprised to learn I’m the only one experiencing this perplexing and aggravating problem.

Would love to know if there is a solution.



It would help to know which version of the app and on which mobile OS you are using.

I have not seen this reported before, but now that you mention it, I do see if you tap to the left of the button in the white space, you get the recording, not the radio button. A good solution would be for them not only to expand the area for button selection, but also to disable playback while in edit mode. You either select/deselect, delete or cancel. Nothing else should be able to happen.

I am on the iOS app. Don’t know if it’s the same for Android.

But anyway, guess what… the next major version of the app is in alpha (v2.x) and it solves the issue exactly as I’ve described above. If you can hang in there, a fix is coming.

Great observations. I wholeheartedly agree with you -especially the suggestion that when in edit mode no other command is executable.

Hopefully this is noted by the tech team and addressed shortly. The reams of data are accumulating on my iPhone X running ios 12




I wouldn’t worry about the data. It does not transfer to your phone unless you explicitly download it. And the clips disappear automatically after 14 days.