Echo Spot Notification to Alert or Turn on Spot Scree using a Wyze Pan Camera

I bought this camera to allow us to be notified via and Echo Spot when there is a change in our handicapped adult son’s room especially at night. Based on some of the things I have read maybe I can program IFTTT to do something but was hoping the Wyze Skill had this out of the box. Should have done more research before purchasing.

Hey Blinky44,

Unfortunately, Wyze Cameras currently do not support notifications via Alexa/Echo devices and you are not able to trigger a Alexa notification via IFTTT either.

I do however suggest for the purpose of alerting to motion, to use the IFTTT text / email service. Since the text service has a limit, you should use the email servixe and your phone carriers email to SMS gateway (you can find it with a quick Google Search). For example, T-Mobile would be

Best of luck,