Easy way to share a lengthy recording with neighbor?

My neighbor came by and asked me to share video during a certain time due to a theft. I am happy to oblige, but is there a better way to send him footage from the time frame rather than digging through two plus hours of footage myself? Thanks!

Yes. If you pull the SD card and put it in a computer, you should see a folder named “record”. If you open that folder up, you will see folders inside named with dates, like “20190608” for today’s date. If you open up one the date folders, you will see folders named by the hour. If you open up one of those folders, you will see .mp4 movies named by the minute.

So – Want to give them an entire day? Give them one of the folders named with dates. Want to give them 2 hours of video? Open the date they are interested in, and give them the appropriate hour folders from within. Heck, give them an hour on either side of that for good measure.

They can play whatever you give them by taking the folder (like the date folder or the hour folder) and dropping it on top of VLC (or whatever player they want to use). The recording will start from the first available .mp4 file, and will play thru to the last.

They can then use fast forward, “skip to the next .mp4” (minute), or whatever other playback tools they like in the player, and you don’t have to look at anything.

Of course this depends on you having a card installed and “record to SD card” activated in the settings. It would also be very beneficial to have had “Continuous recording” selected also, as “Record events only” may not have registered an event at the time they are interested in. Also, without more motion, those recordings only last a minute, so you might miss what they are looking for entirely.

Thank you so much! I ended up finding this, but I likely will need this information in the future. Thief is on camera!