Easy focusing for replacement camera lens

While reading posts I discovered this tidbit… After removing the boards inside the V2 case to replace the lens, pop out the black lense cover on the front of the now empty case (easy to put back in) to enable you to easily refocus the replaced camera lens… When focused properly, replace the lens cover by popping it back in.


Just put my new wide angle lens in the camera (like 10 min ago) and wish I would have seen this first. I think I got it focused OK though. I placed it on the table and turned it towards some text on a container label. Kept adjusting till i could read it the best.

Great idea! It is one of those: “Why didn’t I think of that?!” Glad you did and put this post up. Even though it seemed right at first, I found out too often the focus was not quite right after the camera was put “in production,” causing me to crack open the case again to refocus. Yes, I know that you can ‘focus-test’ pre-assembly by hooking up the USB cable, but you do not really know how good that is until the camera is actually where you want it. The ability to easily adjust the focus in situ is very welcome.