Early Adopter Blues

Got on the Wyze band wagon early. Have three version one cams, then two version 2, and one Pan Cam. Got a new Echo Show 2nd generation a couple of weeks ago and added the Wyze skill. Seems only the Pan Cam and the Version 2 cameras work with the skill.

Is there a work around? Does Wyze have a “trade up” program? Hoping my only solution is not to buy three new cams.

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From what I understand, the V1 cams have limited internal ability, and can’t do some of the more recently added advanced features. My guess is you’re describing one of them.

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I was an early backer for the robot vacuum and I seem to be unable to receive my reward (a v3 camera) since they were back ordered. Now I see that they are not back ordered anymore but they closed my ticket and no word or msg as to when they will honor the early backer program. Any ideas as to how to correct this?

I haven’t received mine yet either. Jimmy sent an email last week saying they were going out this past Monday, but I see nothing yet. I too opened a ticket and got a bunch of generalized responses with the ticket being closed as well. So last weekend, I reopened the ticket and asked again how I would know when it shipped. This time I got a response, that the order would be in my list of recent orders, along with a tracking number email. I’ve checked every day this week - no tracking email and no order listed. In the meantime I’ve seen posts this week from others in the same boat who said that instead of receiving V3’s they got something else - a doorbell, a headset, etc. I’m really getting tired of this, it took too long to get a working robot, but this is now ridiculous! I also read where other retailers now had plenty of V3’s in stock to sell and even Ebay sellers. This may be the last time I go in for an early presell. But the robot is great, much better than my Roomba or my Deebot.