Dusk to dawn spotlight schedule doesn’t work

I set my v4’s spotlight to be on from dusk to dawn but the spotlight never came on all night…

Are the v4’s spotlight able to do this?!?!

Here are the settings:

No, you need to turn on the Motion Toggle for it to work. Then when Motion is seen, the spotlight will go on.

I don’t want it to turn on when motion is detected.

I want the spotlight to turn on from dusk to dawn automatically, what does the motion detection have to do with the dusk to dawn schedule ?

I would add it as a Wish item then. That whole section is one item. When motion is detected, it will turn on the spotlight for a period of time.

I just checked to see if there is a rule, and there is no rule to say turn on spotlight, it only has a turn on spotlight for option.

That is an option available in the Cam Floodlight cameras, to have the spotlight turn on at certain times and even change brightness if a motion is detected.

I believe that option is not available for V4 cams but maybe Wyze can issue it as an upgrade later on.

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