Dumb Question - Do Cam v3's Have To Be ReConnected Every Time They're Turned On?

Just got a few of these cameras. So far I think they’re great!

Do they have to be connected to the app/wifi every single time they’re turned on? Seems like once you do the whole “Ready to connect” shebang it should be good to go until you need to connect it to another network.

At this point in time I don’t have them running constantly, just on days my lady and I aren’t watching the kids at her house. It would be nice to have to avoid running through the entire connection process every time they’re turned on, but if that’s how it is then I can deal.

Thanks in advance for your help!


While I appreciate the expedient nature of your response can you provide a little more information? “Nope” doesn’t answer the question sufficiently considering so far my experience is that they do need to be added to my app every time I turn them off and on.

No. You do not need to re-set them up every time they are powered up.

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K so something is wrong with me or the cameras.

Every time I plug the main one I use back in, I am unable to turn it on from the app. I have to do the whole shebang starting with adding a camera. What am I doing wrong?

You should not even need to turn it on. Simply power it up. Do you see the status LED coming on and showing the “normal” startup cycle? Once it’s solid Blue, it should be up and operating.
Does the camera still show up in your phone app?

Thank you for your time!

I plug it in, typically after a week of not being used/plugged in at all but having been connected to the wifi/app/etc the week prior.

Red and blue lights cycle, then within a few seconds no light is on at all. While the camera still exists on my phone, I can’t turn it on from the app.

I tried this morning to have the camera pulled up on my phone app before I even plugged it in to see if it was just a timing thing, because yes, the camera is still on my phone app, but I was unable to turn it on from the app or do anything until running through the entire connection process, including adding a new camera.

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