Ducklings in Denver

There is a wooded area behind my condo building with a small lake fed by a natural spring and irrigation water. Ducks, geese, raccoons and the occasional blue heron hang out in that area. About twice a year, a duck and their ducklings take a tour of the parking lot and trigger a camera pointing out my front window through the glass.


That’s a lot of kids, lol.


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Geez, 13 kids Plus Mom makes 14.

My wife is the oldest of 12 (all from the same mom & dad)…tempted to send this to my mother-in-law and start calling her “mother duck”…j/k She’s a good lady, has a PhD in Network Security, has contracted with the FBI to stop sexual crimes and save kids, makes a ton of money and donated a kidney just 2 days ago to help someone stay alive. :slight_smile: Just would be funny to show her this duck’s beating her in at least one way. :slight_smile: