Dual Firmware Release

Please don’t view this as a double post because it is not just about RTSP.
I guess that it’s probably resource intensive to serve everyone. I also know I can’t speak for everyone, but I think there is 2 large groups of people.
1.) The people who see an awesome value in a cloudcam for everyone* Those who want a feature rich build with cloud storage and bells and whistles, rock solid reliability, something that can be intuitive and smooth.
2.) The tinkerer/advanced user* Those who want RTSP, rock solid reliability too, advanced features, command line and/or root access, verifiably sd only mode(tinfoil hat no cloud mode) ← I tend to be in this camp

Maybe instead of 1 firmware to rule them all have a stand-alone mode(no cloud) firmware that can be downloaded and installed for advanced users; and keep the stock cloud mode you have now as the shipped firmware. I have used the 3rd party version of this type for the V2 and Pan, and it is buggy, It needs some refinement and generally is kind of rough around the edges. I would love for a fork in the firmware that would make us tinkerers/ advanced users happy while still having the seamless experience for the average user.

Thank you for all that you do.

I doubt they will give root access due to having access to their software and other features that make them money.

Root access may not be a thing, but it’s not the point. Having dual firmware solves the 1 firmware to rule them all setup.