Dropped signals and using a dedicated device as a monitor

I don’t know if many Wyze beta app users have a dedicated monitor or not, but I use my old S7 for this. Of course I have the Wyze app on my S10, but I like having a dedicated monitor.
The issues I have most of the time are one or more of the cams I have in a particular group will drop signal frequently.
Tips being - restart the device, uninstall and reinstall the app, and then on the device forget your 2G WiFi connection and then reinstall that.
Although this seems to be something I have to do every couple of weeks, it only takes a couple of minutes and seems to clear the problems.
Thought I’d share this with the Wyze community, because that’s what we do!
Hope this helps out if you are experiencing the above mentioned issues!

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I’m thinking it may be because there is a constant connection. Do you always have the same issues with the same cameras or are some excluded?

This could be a wifi issue as well. Do you have a bridge for these cameras or is it just straight wifi signal hoping for the best? Bandwith also comes into play…

So I’m gonna ask you:

How many cameras do you have? Do you have a bridge? - Do you monitor all the cameras within a group or just a singular camera on this dedicated device? A few things can come into play with this. Wifi can be spread pretty thin in general if you don’t have the speeds… but if you have this dedicated device just to view the cam… on top of being on your home wifi, watching Netflix, streaming, playing ps4, whatever it may be… it’s going to affect your dedicated S7 lol lemme know if this helps.

I use a dedicated monitor, always monitoring 4 cams in group mode while I am awake. If you lose a cam, just hit the on-screen reload button?

Thank you for replying, but this ‘dedicated monitor’ is also an S7 right? - IF its constantly watching It’s going to affect your signals

I am using a Fire HD 10 Tablet.

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That’s why you’re having the issues. That kind of device seems to be unsupported at this time even though you can get it to connect. Android 5.0 and iOS 9.0 are the required operating systems.

I hope this helps.

I’m not having any issues here.

Thanks for the reply - I have four cams in one group so I can see all four simultaneously - I am using a bridge for a sense as well
We do have several phones and 2 Chromecast devices but our PCs are hard-wired to the router. We get about 50mbps on the Wifi and about 100 on the lan or hard-wired PCs.
The problem is irregular - some days I get no or almost no drops and other days all of the cams will be up and down constantly.
As far as the app goes I’m pretty familiar with how to restart the cam from the group viewing screen as mentioned below as well as other features so this really was more of a - anyone else experience this or not? - question.
Not sure if this would make a difference but the dedicated S7 is no longer an active “cel phone” but still works fine as a Wifi device however because it’s been “decommissioned” if you will from my carrier I no longer get firmware updates - not sure if that would make a difference or not as all of the cams are up to date firmware wise.
Thank you to all who replied - one thing I know for sure, seems there are a lot of us that are using some type of dedicated device for monitoring. Makes it nice when you’re on the couch or in the sack and want to have something already running the group cam view instead of starting up the app on your main device or phone when you want to “take a look” outside!

On this - the S7 is running Android V8

Curious about the 50mbps on the Wifi – what router are you using? Not an old 802.11g model, right?

Using our ISP’s equip - we have Spectrum.