Drive Error

Whenever I took my SDHC from the camera and insert into my PC to view some video, window display a message that there is an error in the drive, and window wants to run error checking. This happens every time. is there a solution for this or this is due to the camera.

You may have to reformat the SD Card but you will loose the video. What class is the SD card?

When you go to disk manager, what does it say?

Honestly it sounds like it’s corrupted.


It’s not corrupted if it were there would be issues with the video. Honestly I would just ignore the error.

Is he actually viewing them or trying and getting the errors? I don’t get those errors at all.

I have gotten those same errors and the card is fine so I would just brush them off.

I would wait until you don’t need any the video on the card, then reformat with the official SD card tool below. See if that resolves it. This is not something we’ve heard happening much if at all before.

Official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association:

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