Downloadable Product Brochure For CHRISTMAS PRESENTS

More than 25,000 of us have pre-ordered the Wyze vacuum. We will patiently wait for our products when they ship in February?? and we know that they will be GREAT. HOWEVER, I’m sure that many of us will be giving a “picture in a box” of the product to our love ones this Christmas, It would be VERY COOL and VERY Wyze-like for you guys to make a Downloadable PDF brochure about the product and perhaps email it to all of your loyal pre-order-ers. Sure save us a lot of time doing screen grabs and making our own. Just an idea ! ! !.

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Good idea. Now, go vote for your own idea. :slightly_smiling_face:

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in speaking with people at Wyze ( as this has been requested previously for other items during testing) this need has been brought to their attention. just figured I would give you a heads up on that

don’t know if it’s something they are going to do or not, sometimes this wishlist can take some time to get some loving attention. but this was apparently brought up to the devs and PM’s directly…so the radar has been pinged :upside_down_face:


I actually created this myself with PowerPoint for the pre-order Wyze watch. We bought it for the blood oxidation monitor (for a family member with emphysema) so I made that feature front an center. But a slick professionally designed something would’ve been a nice option. :upside_down_face:

I do have a question about Wyze products given as gifts. Will our aunt be able to create her Wyze account then register her watch for use with the app?

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if she creates an account, but you were to by a device, in this case the watch. when she gets it, she would set it up with the app on her phone (signed into her account) and everything would be tailored to her settings.

when buying devices they are basically “open/blank” devices until they are synced with an account.

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Good to know. Thanks!

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