Downgrade of cam & app now impossible? Regain v2 LAN-only ability?

This regards my two v2 indoor cams.
My ISP had sent me a warning letter wayyy back when I first set up the cams, because I exceeded one terabyte and how MUCH it would cost me if I did it again .
So that was the first month of usage, when v2’s were rather new.
After that, I always used my v2’s offline, on my own LAN, for livestreaming my front and back door areas, on an as-needed basis, for example, a couple of hours on a couple of days/week.
Obviously, I don’t want or need recordings and playbacks…
And then:
After foolishly allowing cam f/w and the phone app updates, February/March 2022, my LAN-only usage is impossible.
Support only responded with “web cam” conversion/reversion instructions or you-can’t make it a web cam, pretty much ignoring the fact that I never made it into a web cam.EVER. I just want(ed) to revert it back to old cam, old app, like it was before the February updates, so I can use at least the cams LAN-only (no web).

I have not been using the v2 cams, or the other items I bought, bec of the bandwidth risk, and esp’ly since my “LAN ability” stopped.
I use a Tomato router, so it’s easy to set up little changes, like a LAN-only cam.
Should I try again with these updated cams and the updated app – and risk huge internet bandwidth charges, especially if I add in my other devices?
Does anyone have any experiences with massive bandwidth usage, or ISP warning letters?
What did I do wrong regarding bandwidth?
Is the camera chip forever changed and downgrading the cam, much less the app, is literally blocked?
Thanks for anyone’s experiences or insights to my long questions.

As long as your phone is on the same LAN as the cameras, there is very little traffic to the Wyze servers. That has been proven many times by establishing the connection and then killing the internet connection. Live stream will continue.


Yep, especially if you disable event recording.

To downgrade firmware, you can flash the firmware via sd card.