Doorbell wired alerts based on time of day?

I just uninstalled my Eufy wired doorbell (it was struggling to reliably identify people) and installed my Wyze Wired Doorbell. However, I am hoping it can be better customized for me.

I don’t see an obvious way to trigger alerts based on more than one schedule. What I’m hoping for is during the day time not to receive person notifications, but at night I DO want person notifications. Is this possible?


You can use the rules editor to make schedules for automatic settings changes. Although toggling person detection itself is not a setting you can change with rules, you can enable and disable motion detection or general notifications from the device.

During the day, do you want motion notifications at all? You could use a scheduled rule to disable only notifications during the day whereas you would still get motion events to the cloud. Or you could disable motion events during the day and you wouldn’t get any events, or notifications since they’re aren’t any events to notify you of.

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Thank you. That does what I want it to do at this point so I appreciate it. I don’t want any alerts during the day (and I assumed turning off notifications would also turn off the doorbell, but it seems like that notification still goes through… but now I don’t remember- it’s been a long day).

I’ve been puzzled why both Eufy and Wyze don’t have ittt type of settings built in. “If it’s between 8pm and 6am and motion is detected then send notification”, etc. But the rules setting at least gives one variable to use.

When you create a scheduled rule, you can add a start time and an end time, where if you add the action of “turn off notifications”, it will turn off notifications at the start time, and then re-enable notifications at the end time. With this it would still save an event to the cloud, but you won’t get a app push notification for it. It’s the cloud events that trigger notifications.

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